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Re: distfile mirror site preferences and how to influence them?

On Fri, 9 Dec 2016, Jonathan Perkin wrote:

> * On 2016-12-09 at 15:37 GMT, John D. Baker wrote:
> > 
> > I see "MASTER_SORT" and "MASTER_SORT_REGEX" as the only tools to influence
> > fetch locations.  "MASTER_SORT" being inclusive rather than exclusive
> > would make it tedious to use.  I can probably make "MASTER_SORT_REGEX"
> > say "not these patterns."
> > 
> > Any other suggestions?

All of these options are of the additive nature.  One lists or matches
known "good" (i.e., not throttled in this case) master/mirror sites.
What I'd rather be able to do is to exclude known "bad" (i.e., bandwidth
limited by some intervening router policy, etc.) master/mirror sites.
Assume a master/mirror site is good unless marked as bad.

I realized a quick hack that goes a long way to speeding up the fetching
of distfiles is to make fake entries in a machine's "/etc/hosts" file
causing "bad" sites to resolve to an unroutable IP address.  That way,
attempts to fetch from them fail right away and the fetch process moves
on to the next candidate mirror site.

That has, so far, been a much shorter list to manage.

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