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Re: Proposed package removals after 2016Q4

Manuel Bouyer <> writes:

>> But how are you causing xm to work?  Are you running different daemons
>> than the standard recommendation?  Different rc.d files?  I would think
>> you'd need the old rc.d files from before the xm/xl change.
> Afaik the scripts provided with xentools42 works fine for xm.
> Maybe you need to change xl to xm in xendomains but that's it.

OK - HOWTO updated.

>> > It's the problem that xl runs things in parallel, while xm
>> > serialises them.
>> Do you mean that on startup, the xl-based xendomains script that is part
>> of the xentools42 package causes "xl start" to be fired off for all
>> domains at once, rather than how "xm start" somewhat causes the next to
>> wait, perhaps by waiting until it's mostly started to return?
> all the scripts to configure devices are started in parallel.
> I have modified scripts (for editing /etc/ipf.conf at
> domU startup, mostly), which can't be run in parallel.

So if your scripts don't do things needing serializiation, it's ok?

> We now have locking in these scripts so this should be safe, but I've
> not tested with 10s of interfaces as I have on my servers.
> (when I tried xl on these servers, it would time out configuring
> virtual interfaces because I had too much, but the locking I added at this
> time was too heavy).

OK - put in HOWTO with caution about testing.

All in all, I gather that people who don't do special stuff in custom
scripts (that needs locking) will be ok with xl.

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