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Re: Proposed package removals after 2016Q4

John Nemeth <> writes:

> On Dec 19,  1:59pm, Thomas Klausner wrote:
> } 
> } To summarize, we plan to remove the following packages after 2016Q4:

I see zero reason to keep xenkernel33.  For xenkernel3 (3.1), there is
the PCI passthrough issue.

Does anybody care about PCI passthrough enough to still run NetBSD and
xenkernel3?  Is there any support or hope of support in newer Xen?

(Personally all my Xen boxes just have consoles that I only use to fix
them when remote updates don't go well.)

> } sysutils/xenkernel41
> } sysutils/xentools41
>      This is old enough, so okay.

So I think we have rough consensus that we will remove 41 and keep 42.
Manuel isn't going to maintain 42, and I think John is semivolunteering.

There is the issue about i386 dom0 if we drop 42.  But I'm guessing zero
actual people care.

> } sysutils/xenkernel45
> } sysutils/xentools45
>      However, as noted earlier, I object to removing these.  These
> aren't that old, and are actually the second newest ones that we
> currently have in pkgsrc.  Upgrading Xen is often a pain if you
> have production systems running as guests.  And, some have noted
> that there seem to be problems with running certain types of guests,
> i.e. Ubuntu, on the latest Xen in pkgsrc.

Could you post a link to the issues with Ubuntu and 4.6, or add it to
the HOWTO?  (I believe you of course, but it would be nice to have a
consolidated record to help new people.)

So again we have rough consensus to keep 45, which Manuel will not
maintain, and John will be semi-volunteering for.

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