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Re: Proposed package removals after 2016Q4

On Dec 19,  1:59pm, Thomas Klausner wrote:
} To summarize, we plan to remove the following packages after 2016Q4:
} [snip]
} sysutils/xenkernel41
} sysutils/xentools41

     This is old enough, so okay.

} sysutils/xenkernel45
} sysutils/xentools45

     However, as noted earlier, I object to removing these.  These
aren't that old, and are actually the second newest ones that we
currently have in pkgsrc.  Upgrading Xen is often a pain if you
have production systems running as guests.  And, some have noted
that there seem to be problems with running certain types of guests,
i.e. Ubuntu, on the latest Xen in pkgsrc.

}-- End of excerpt from Thomas Klausner

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