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Re: pkgsrc freeze for 2016Q4 starting on Dec 19

On Fri, Dec 16, 2016 at 11:13:38AM +0100, Havard Eidnes wrote:
> As long as we need to continue to support netbsd-6 as a pkgsrc
> platform (last I checked we still sort of do), we also need an older,
> buildable and working version of libreoffice for that code base.
> However, I also worry that other packages which libreoffice depends on
> (boost library?) has already been upgraded to a version which is not
> buildable with the C++ compiler we ship in netbsd-6, so piecing
> together an environment where you can in fact build one of those older
> libreoffice versions is going to require careful manual handholding.

Right now, no version of LibreOffice or OpenOffice builds in the 6.1
bulk builds. I wouldn't be surprised if many of the C++11 problems will
continue even with GCC 4.8 and newer, since netbsd-6 is missing quite a
lot of the dependencies like long double support in libm. I can't speak
for others, but I don't consider it useful to spend time on working
around missing functionality on an aged branch. The situation for
netbsd-7 is quite different and we are (finally) in a somewhat decent
shape for that release branch.


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