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Re: pkgsrc freeze for 2016Q4 starting on Dec 19

It seems that most of the removal proposals (leaving libreoffice out of
this for now) are complicated.  In particular xen seems to have reasons
why people are running other than the latest, and xen production setups
seem somewhat harder to upgrade.   So I lean to leaving things in pkgsrc
as long as you can't make fun of someone for using it.

Plus, as Thomas said, the time to propose and discuss deletions is
during normal time, not pre-freeze or freeze; now we have time pressure,
and That is likely to lead to rushed decisions.

It's possbile the people who do security patching to xen will decide to
stop backporting to some versions.  That is of course their call, and
will bear on the decision to delete.

I've been meaning to update the xen howto; it should have an accurate
status of which versions have which issues.

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