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Re: pkgsrc freeze for 2016Q4 starting on Dec 19

On Fri, Dec 16, 2016 at 10:20:06AM +0000, David Brownlee wrote:
> Would it work if everything in pkgsrc was switched to a newer c++ for netbsd-6?
> It would be a pain to have to build a new gcc for any c++ package, but
> if the trade off was being able to reliably build a lot more of pkgsrc
> on older platforms then it might be worth considering in some cases...

We are doing this with GCC_REQD, but it gets less attention.
More people (especially pkgsrc folk) are using newer compilers,
so they don't notice when a package requires a fairly new compiler.

2016Q3 shows some breakages, but backporting the fixes is hard.
Having a bulk build of pkgsrc-current will point out issues in
a time they are fixable.

boost-libs should work on NetBSD-6 on pkgsrc-current.
Backporting the fix seemed problematic.

pkgsrc gcc used to be extra broken for NetBSD, but this is
probably no longer an issue, we've used it to build firefox

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