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Re: pkgsrc freeze for 2016Q4 starting on Dec 19

> On Thu, 15 Dec 2016, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
>> Can we sit down and start pruning some things then? E.g. we have way
>> too many LibreOffice and OpenOffice versions in the tree, I
>> think. Given how heavy those packages are, that's a lot of build time.
> Please, yes! That takes forever to build and there *are* way too many
> versions. I'd be happy with a libreoffice[0-9]-bin and a regular
> 'libreoffice' representing the last stable version that works on
> NetBSD.

The problem in the past has been that picking a single version
"that works on NetBSD" has been an impossible task.

As long as we need to continue to support netbsd-6 as a pkgsrc
platform (last I checked we still sort of do), we also need an older,
buildable and working version of libreoffice for that code base.

However, I also worry that other packages which libreoffice depends on
(boost library?) has already been upgraded to a version which is not
buildable with the C++ compiler we ship in netbsd-6, so piecing
together an environment where you can in fact build one of those older
libreoffice versions is going to require careful manual handholding.

Switching away from the in-tree C++ compiler for netbsd-6 is no small
task either (I've not tried to do this myself).


- Håvard

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