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Re: ANN: Availability of pkg(8)-capable pkgsrc

On 11/13/2016 15:32, Thomas Mueller wrote:

FreeBSD had/has pkg2ng to convert an installation from the old pkg_*
tools to the new pkgng.

I guess this has not (yet) been ported to NetBSD or pkgsrc and can
guess it would not be trivial.

pkgn2ng was a terrible idea.
Why would anyone spend the effort to convert from one package format to
another when they can just rebuild the software?

It is a serious amount of effort to build such a converter when the
impact of not having it is very small.

tldr; pkg_rolling-replace is a relic of the current "pkg" format
which is unnecessary (and probably unsupported) with the "pkgng"

So now with pkg(8)-capable pkgsrc in its infancy, there would be a
transitional phase where pkg_rolling-replace wouldn't work, and Synth
wouldn't be ready.

One can generate repositories with pkg(8) directly. All it's doing is scanning the packages in one directory to get the relationships so that pkg install command works better. There's also a "pkg add" command.

So how would packages in NetBSD be updated with portmaster and
portupgrade not available?

Both of those are curse words.

I could use git from an already existing installation of FreeBSD or

you would use a pre-built package from NetBSD. Or build it with the old system and not remove it.


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