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Re: PHP .ini files in php.d

Hello Joern,

the module-specific ini files should use same infrastructure as other
package configuration files, i.e. it should only install to
$LOCALBASE/etc/php.d if there is no such file there already. It
shouldn't overwrite anything. Unless there is some bug in the config
file handling, which is entirely possible, even though I tested this
before commit. If it actually does overwrite the files, then let me
know and I recheck it.

This change was made purely as convenience and manual step removal
feature. I actually wanted to do this for years, as it irked me every
time I had to upgrade php or change the list of modules I need. The
idea is similar to e.g. Python or perl packages, i.e. that you
shouldn't need to do anything special system tweaks to enable the
module after you install package.

I do realize that PHP system is different, as the interpreter actually
load each configured module, contrary to e.g. Python which loads them
on demand.

I think the current behavior is useful. Having this optional would be
possible, but I think slightly confusing, and I wouldn't know what to
do for binary packages then.

I've made a small tweak to the extension build system, it's now
possible to set PHP_EXT_CONF_DIR to something else then the default
${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}/php.d so then the modules won't be auto-loaded.

What's the general opinion, any problem keeping it like this?

Sorry for late reply, haven't noticed the thread earlier.


2016-08-31 8:59 GMT+02:00 Jörn Clausen <>:
> Hi!
> Okay, I found Jaromir's announcment to this list from July. But I am still
> missing an explanation, why this change was done and why this is not
> considered harmful, especially w.r.t. to Jonathan's explanation. But mostly
> I would like to know how my users now can prevent PHP from loading all
> available modules and load only those they need.
> Joern
> On 29.08.16 10:03, Jörn Clausen wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Since my last sync to pkgsrc last week, maybe earlier, PHP packages
>> (php56) install .ini files to
>> $LOCALBASE/etc/php.d/
>> This collides with the already present configuration of my users (and
>> probably with php.ini also in $LOCALBASE/etc - I don't know nothing
>> about running PHP). This seems to be in contrast to this statement from
>> jperkin@ at
>> Was this behavior introduced with the changes from jdolecek@ in late
>> July? Is there some documentation why this happened and how to
>> transition from the old file layout to the new one? Or is this change
>> still plain wrong and should be reverted?
>> Joern
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