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Re: Apple making decisions for users..

Jaromír Doleček <> writes:

> IMO we should just change pkgsrc to not require the same SDK as the
> running OS. I did this for my local pkgsrc tree, stuff compiles fine.
> Nothing better we could do perpahs, as there is no way to install SDK
> for Mac OS X 10.11 on XCode 8, at least I haven't found anything so
> far.

I don't follow this.  I had a problem earlier when XCode was "upgraded"
to have only an SDK for 10.10 and I was running 10.9.  It built
programs, and most of them ran, but some failed because a system call
newly added in 10.10 was used.  I think that we really need to have an
SDK that targets the running system or an earlier version.

IF people have to install Command Line Tools to be able to build for the
current system, then I think we'll have to do that, even if it's

I also wonder if we can target 10.7 even on a newer system, and thus
build more portable packages. But perhaps that isn't a good idea.

Does anyone understand how people developing within Apple's ecosystem
deal with this issue?

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