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   I have encountered two issues with meld:

   1) Icons appear to be missing.  There seems to be a stock image in
place of the regular icons in meld.

      Installing graphics/gnome-icon-theme resolved some of them; the
main window gets proper icons, but the preferences window seems to be
missing icons (using the stock "default" image).

      This is on both netbsd/amd64 -7 and Mac OS X (El Capitan)

   2) I get a message in the terminal warning that it's using memory
backed settings .. something, and that the settings aren't persistent.
Sure enough, quitting and restarting yields a "fresh" meld configuration.

      I only recall seeing this one on netbsd, not on mac os x, though
it seems that while it at least remembers window positions on mac os x I
can't change any of the settings because it segfaults when I click in
the preference window client area.  The crash feels like an upstream
issue, but I'm curious about why the settings aren't persistent on netbsd.

   I have run "sudo meld" at some point; and thought that perhaps it
couldn't open some settings file due root having taken ownership of it,
but it doesn't look like that's it.  Any suggestions what I should be
looking at?

   Using pkgsrc-current from the fossil repository; sync'd yesterday.

Kind Regards,

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