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pkgsrc-2015Q3 Branch Statistics

The release of pkgsrc-2015Q4 marks the closing of the 2015Q3 branch,
of which I was the primary release engineer, along with hiramatsu@ and
spz@ (thanks!).

Here are some statistics about the last stable branch:

49 pullup tickets were successfully applied. 2 were automatically
obsoleted by the new stable release.

The following are the developers that submitted pullup requests, with count:

  13 taca
   6 bouyer
   5 he
   4 ryoon
   4 tnn
   3 joerg
   3 wiz
   2 agc
   2 bsiegert
   1 cyber
   1 dholland
   1 gdt
   1 leot
   1 mrg
   1 sevan
   1 tez

The following is the list of updates by type:

  27  security fix
  20  build fix
   3  bug fix patch
   2  correct dependency
   1  SMF support
   1  documentation fix

The following packages received more than one pullup:

   2 emulators/qemu
   2 graphics/png
   2 multimedia/adobe-flash-plugin11
   2 net/ntp4
   2 www/firefox

Thank you to all the submitters of pull-up requests! We are looking
forward to more pullup tickets for the 2015Q4 branch.

If you are a pkgsrc developer, consider joining the pkgsrc releng
rotation. We could use one more person. Please contact if you are interested.


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