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Re: tex-*-* invasion in /usr/pkgsrc ?

Andreas Kusalananda Kähäri <> wrote:

> Update the source tree again, and use the -P option ("cvs up -P") to
> prune empty directories.  I imagine that these directories were created
> by mistake when importing the packages into CVS and that they then
> promply were moved to the correct location.  CVS, however, remembers.

It worked, thank you! Two things are strange, though:

1) I hadn't given the -P flag on the update to 2015Q2 because CVS's
   man page says it's implied by the -r flag. So, is the man page

2) CVS gave no special notice this time that it was removing
   directories: it just said it was "updating" them (and respective
   contents) but in fact it removed them. Very misleading.

Anyway, the local pkgsrc tree looks good now...

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