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Hooks for automatically mounting fs for work directory?


I'm running pkgsrc on OS X 10.10.4, but I think my question is not
limited to this platform.

When building a package, I would like to be able to *automagically* mount
a scratch disk as work directory, build and install the package, and
then unmount the disk again, just by typing "bmake install".

This would allow me to use a memory file system for the work directory,
or any other scratch disk that I have attached to my machine.

Are there hooks somewhere in pkgsrc that would allow me to do this?  I
imagine I'm looking for a "pre-extract" configuration option that would
call a user-defined script, and similarly a "post-install" configuration
option to unmount the file system once installation has finished.

Could a pre-extract script be used to set WORKOBJDIR for
example? WORKOBJDIR=$( script )  [haven't tried this]


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:: Uppsala University, Sweden
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