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Re: PGHOME defaults inconsistent...

Le 10/03/14 01:10, Greg Troxel a écrit :

Richard PALO <> writes:

There seems to be an inconsistency in postgres defaults, namely with
PGHOME. From mk/defaults/mk.conf:
PGGROUP?=       pgsql
PGUSER?=        pgsql

But in the diverse postgres server Makefiles:
postgresql84-server/Makefile:PGHOME?=           ${VARBASE}/${PGUSER}
postgresql90-server/Makefile:PGHOME?=           ${VARBASE}/${PGUSER}
postgresql91-server/Makefile:PGHOME?=           ${PREFIX}/${PGUSER}
postgresql92-server/Makefile:PGHOME?=           ${VARBASE}/${PGUSER}
postgresql93-server/Makefile:PGHOME?=           ${VARBASE}/${PGUSER}

Seems that defaults/mk.conf should use ${VARBASE} and that the
p*-server/Makefiles should remove PGHOME/PGUSER/PGGROUP definitions in
order to only refer either to defaults or to the eventually overridden
values set in the etc/mk.conf.

I have perceived that PGHOME has always been in /usr/pkg/pgsql.  While
that's perhaps wrong, it's longstanding.  So I think the
defaults/mk.conf is winning.  Therefore, I'd be in favor of just
removing PGHOME?= from all the server makefiles.

Are you seeing pgsql data in other than /usr/pkg/pgsql?

I personally would like to see PGUSER/PGGROUP/PGHOME disappear from the server makefiles.

Concerning mk/defaults/mk.conf, current wisdom indicates using ${VARBASE} for PGHOME (usually resulting in /var, /usr/local/var or /opt/local/var).

Postgresql configure defaults as follows: localstatedir='${prefix}/var'.

Since VARBASE is set for this at bootstrap time in pkgsrc, in my quite humble opinion it should be respected.

This does potentially raise the issue of multiple version support which really isn't dealt with currently (e.g. concurrent 8.4 and 9.3). In this case, PGHOME will need at least the pkg version to be appended to as a directory in the server makefiles.

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