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Upcoming freeze in preparation for pkgsrc-2014Q1 branch

Hi folks,

We're getting closer to the freeze date in preparation for the
pkgsrc-2014Q1 branch.  We'll be starting on 14th March 2014, at 23:59
UTC.  We expect the freeze to last no longer than 2 weeks.

During the freeze, no new packages, please, and no changes to the
pkgsrc infrastructure.  pkgsrc infrastructure means any file under
pkgsrc/mk, and any package in the pkgtools category.

Security fixes are allowed without prior approval (for obvious
reasons), but, as a courtesy, please let people know on our mailing
lists what you are doing.

If anything is unclear, if you are in any doubt, or are concerned that
anything you do might impact someone else's work, or is a wide-ranging
or important change (important enough to add during a freeze), please
get approval in advance from a member of the pkgsrc PMC - gdt, wiz,
agc or schmonz.


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