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Re: Upcoming freeze in preparation for pkgsrc-2014Q1 branch

agc@ wrote:

> During the freeze, no new packages, please, and no changes to the
> pkgsrc infrastructure.  pkgsrc infrastructure means any file under
> pkgsrc/mk, and any package in the pkgtools category.
> Security fixes are allowed without prior approval (for obvious
> reasons), but, as a courtesy, please let people know on our mailing
> lists what you are doing.
> If anything is unclear, if you are in any doubt, or are concerned that
> anything you do might impact someone else's work, or is a wide-ranging
> or important change (important enough to add during a freeze), please
> get approval in advance from a member of the pkgsrc PMC - gdt, wiz,
> agc or schmonz.

During this freeze, leaf package updates also require prior approval,

Izumi Tsutsui

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