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Re: PGHOME defaults inconsistent...

Richard PALO <> writes:

> There seems to be an inconsistency in postgres defaults, namely with
> PGHOME. From mk/defaults/mk.conf:
>> PGGROUP?=    pgsql
>> PGUSER?=     pgsql
> But in the diverse postgres server Makefiles:
>> postgresql84-server/Makefile:PGHOME?=                ${VARBASE}/${PGUSER}
>> postgresql90-server/Makefile:PGHOME?=                ${VARBASE}/${PGUSER}
>> postgresql91-server/Makefile:PGHOME?=                ${PREFIX}/${PGUSER}
>> postgresql92-server/Makefile:PGHOME?=                ${VARBASE}/${PGUSER}
>> postgresql93-server/Makefile:PGHOME?=                ${VARBASE}/${PGUSER}
> Seems that defaults/mk.conf should use ${VARBASE} and that the
> p*-server/Makefiles should remove PGHOME/PGUSER/PGGROUP definitions in
> order to only refer either to defaults or to the eventually overridden
> values set in the etc/mk.conf.

I have perceived that PGHOME has always been in /usr/pkg/pgsql.  While
that's perhaps wrong, it's longstanding.  So I think the
defaults/mk.conf is winning.  Therefore, I'd be in favor of just
removing PGHOME?= from all the server makefiles.

Are you seeing pgsql data in other than /usr/pkg/pgsql?

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