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Re: coreutils and GNU_PROGRAM_PREFIX

 >> textproc/groff. Maybe we have to install bin/eqn, bin/tbl and some other
 >> with prefix 'g' in order to avoid conflicts with appropriate tools from
 >> NetBSD base system, and add gnu/{man,bin} symlinks.

> I updated the package last week. The 'g' special handling was only
> done on SunOS, to align with what groff's configure was forcing
> there. AFAIK groff has always installed with prefix-less troff et
> al. on NetBSD (I can't even find nroff/troff on my 5.1 VM - does that
> it with base on more recent versions?).

groff comes from text.tgz set. On NetBSD-6.0_BETA2 the following
utilities are both in base and in textproc/groff. Most of them definitely
exist in 5.1 too.


Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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