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Re: coreutils and GNU_PROGRAM_PREFIX

can we revert this change from 2012?

it makes it impossible to install devel/idutils when coreutils
is also installed now.  this was not a problem for me until a
sometime semi-recently when 'vlc' build was fixed and now needed
coreutils installed.

now zstd requires coreutils as well.

it's really frustrating to learn that we removed the feature for
this 9 years ago.  the only real issue in the above post is if
it is set to '' that is a problem, so, we just make that not a
valid value and have any uses of it error.  it wouldn't matter
if it wasn't required by other builds, but clearly there are not
going away, but growing in scope (i know there are several more
things using it beyond what i personally build.)

unless someone has a different way to have 'idutils' installed,
with it's 'gid' program the one in /usr/pkg/bin/gid, while not
having to deal with this, i really think this should be put back.

'gid' from idutils -- id-utils -- was in pkgsrc in 1997.  pour
coreutils didn't appear for several years more, so there's a clear
ownership of /usr/pkg/bin/gid to me.



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