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Re: Not enough memory to build firefox4

On 16 July 2011 17:47, Joerg Mertens <> 
> Stefan Schaeckeler <> writes:
> Hi
>>> thanks, it was indeed the O2 flag. I compiled 'jsinterp.cpp' (it's
>>> part of xulrunner, by the way) manually without O2 and it worked. The
>>> rest of the xulrunner package compiled without problems.
>> Creating a swap file would have been even better. On some (all?) BSDs,
>> they can be mounted and then savely unmounted later on. Try this on
>> your next major build.
> I'm not sure. The build process worked on the mentioned file for a few
> hours, more swapping than compiling, before it failed. Without the O2
> option it was a matter of about ten seconds. Maybe there's something
> wrong with my system. I think, I'll try it on another machine first, to
> see, if it behaves similar.
> This is a NetBSD 5.1 system with pkgsrc-2011Q2, by the way.

Some of the optimisations in -O2 are particularly expensive, and of
limited benefit - you might find that the file compiles fine with -O
which picks up all the more effective optimisations.
I'm not suggesting that -O2 isn't worthwhile as a default - one would
expect to spend a lot longer running apps than building them,
particularly for binary packages :)

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