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Re: Not enough memory to build firefox4

On Samstag, 16. Juli 2011 at 18:47, Joerg Mertens wrote:

> I'm not sure. The build process worked on the mentioned file for a few
> hours, more swapping than compiling, before it failed. Without the O2
> option it was a matter of about ten seconds.
that's what I experienced in similar situations: the compiler works and works, 
allocating a lot of memory, and the system struggles with swap for a long time 
to make it work (possibly because the compiler keeps allocating memory) until 
all swap is exhausted, and only then it bails out.

by allocating a lot more swap you can keep that from happening, but it will 
still be very very very slow.

compiling without -O2 reduces the memory usage (apparently drastically), so 
that everything still fits into RAM, which is simply blazingly fast compared to 
the disk.

>  Maybe there's something
> wrong with my system.
except that it hasn't got much RAM? probably not.


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