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Re: Not enough memory to build firefox4

David Brownlee <> writes:

> Some of the optimisations in -O2 are particularly expensive, and of
> limited benefit - you might find that the file compiles fine with -O
> which picks up all the more effective optimisations.
> I'm not suggesting that -O2 isn't worthwhile as a default - one would

I'm not quite sure, what kind of default you are talking about. I
havent't set any compiler options in my mk.conf - the O2 seems to come
from the package itself. And from the pkgsrc documentation I know, that
the CFLAGS in mk.conf are not always able to override the package
options (though I haven't checked it for xulrunner yet). It would be
nice, if you could set CFLAGS for a specific package, like
"CFLAGS.xulrunner+= -O1", but I haven't found this in the documentation

> expect to spend a lot longer running apps than building them,
> particularly for binary packages :)

Not in this case, it seems ;)


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