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Not enough memory to build firefox4


this is probably not an error report, more an observation.

I have an old PIII with 256MB RAM and a 512MB swap partition. When I
try to compile firefox4 on this machine, the build process takes up all the
available memory (about 700MB) and after a while it is killed because of
a failing memory allocation. The relevant file is 'jsinterp.cpp'.

Now I guess, that this computer is just a little bit too old for
building firefox4. I haven't tried it on another machine yet to see, how
much memory would be necessary.

Nevertheless this is annoying, because it is the first time that a
software can't be built on this machine. Firefox3 takes a few hours to
compile, but it works fine.

So my question is: are there any make flags which lower the memory
consumption of the build process?



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