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Re: glib2 on NetBSD/i386 3.0 using pkgsrc-2011Q1

On Sat, Jun 11, 2011 at 11:14 AM, Rhialto <> wrote:

> Recently I updated NetHack for DESTDIR support and I noticed some
> patches where #if defined(__FreeBSD__) was supplemented with
> defined(___NetBSD__). I'd have loved to add DragonFly support too,
> except I wasn't 100% sure that __DragonflyBSD__ would be the correct
> way. So I left it alone.

You can ask on the mailing lists, or on #dragonflybsd
(EFNet IRC), if it's handy.  It's also possible to get accounts on, the main development system, if you need a
DragonFly environment.

The "you" in this case is in a general sense; I'd hate for a package
change to be held up for lack of resources.

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