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Re: glib2 on NetBSD/i386 3.0 using pkgsrc-2011Q1

On Freitag, 10. Juni 2011 at 20:25, Stefan Schaeckeler wrote:

> > What about software that just doesn't work on all platforms, because
> > it needs to be ported? But maybe just works on some platforms?
> That should be explictly set with ONLY_FOR_PLATFORMS=.....
> > On the other hand, in very many instances software that has probably
> > not been tested on DFly by the maintainers worked out of the box.
> ... because Dragonfly is very close to NetBSD?

Maybe … but mostly because most of the software is pretty portable to begin 

What I fear is that many packages will be either out of date or 
ONLY_FOR_PLATFORMS=netbsd as soon as a serious problem with some platform comes 
up … and then having to remove that line by default to see if it maybe works 
for my platform nonetheless wouldn't help at all.

The problem is that there's a large grey zone of maybe-it-works in between the 
known-good and known-bad platforms for any given package. Minimizing that grey 
zone is a great goal, and giving committers/submitters the tools for that would 
help a long way; requiring them to do so would IMHO discourage contribution too 

> > > 
> > > How about setting up a build farm of various plattforms
> > 
> > that would be cool!
> That would make a great Google Summer of Code project :)I suppose it's less a 
> programming and more a hosting/hardware problem. Also: concept work. Who gets 
> access? How can they test a patch *without* committing it to the main tree? 
> what if testing a patch requires actually using the program, not just 
> building?


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