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Re: Update or remove asterisk18?

Am 11.06.2011 um 22:16 schrieb John Nemeth:

>     It would certainly be more constructive then the rather negative
> comments of the original poster.  Those kinds of comments do not
> exactly encourage one to work on something.  The original poster needs
> to remember that this is a volunteer project and people may have
> various reasons why they can't get to something immediately.

I'm a ports maintainer myself (though not in pkgsrc), so I know that. But when 
I don't care about a package anymore, I resign from being its maintainer and 
ask a new maintainer to take over or request removal of the package. If you 
don't care for a package so long that it collects security holes, there really 
is no point in keeping it or keep being it's maintainer IMHO. In that case, it 
would be better to let someone else maintain it who is actually interested in 
the package ;).


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