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Re: gtk1 phaseout: gqview-gtk1 proposed deletion


> > Just to make sure: you only want to delete gtk1 packages for which
> > there is also a gtk2 version? You don't want to remove gtk1 packages
> > for which there is no gtk2 version. Nor do you want to retire gtk1?
> >
> > I'm asking because I use several gtk1-only programs such as xmms and
> > gsview (the latter from wip).
> I am in favor of removing gtk1 programs if one can say "no one could
> rationally be using this".  I know there are some things that are gtk1
> only still around (e.g., guile-gtk, since guile-gnome isn't really a
> replacement), and I'm not now in favor of removing those (but ask me
> again in 3 years :-).  I'm inclined now to remove gtk1 versions of
> programs when there are obvious replacements that everyone should have
> already moved to.  I think that will get rid of about 90% of gtk1
> packages, reducing maintenance burden while not causing problems.

Gtk1 is not updated anymore and so are most other gtk1 applications. Doesn't 
this imply that there is no maitainance effort for keeping these packages? 

My request is to keep xmms in pkgsrc.


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