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Re: gtk1 phaseout: gqview-gtk1 proposed deletion

Stefan Schaeckeler <> writes:

> Just to make sure: you only want to delete gtk1 packages for which
> there is also a gtk2 version? You don't want to remove gtk1 packages
> for which there is no gtk2 version. Nor do you want to retire gtk1?
> I'm asking because I use several gtk1-only programs such as xmms and
> gsview (the latter from wip).

I am in favor of removing gtk1 programs if one can say "no one could
rationally be using this".  I know there are some things that are gtk1
only still around (e.g., guile-gtk, since guile-gnome isn't really a
replacement), and I'm not now in favor of removing those (but ask me
again in 3 years :-).  I'm inclined now to remove gtk1 versions of
programs when there are obvious replacements that everyone should have
already moved to.  I think that will get rid of about 90% of gtk1
packages, reducing maintenance burden while not causing problems.

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