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Re: gtk1 phaseout: gqview-gtk1 proposed deletion

Hi all,

> It's always tough to strike the balance between maintenance effort for
> old packages and the benefit for the last user to have it still in
> pkgsrc.  I've always been very conservative about package removal.
> Thomas Klausner and I have been discussing about gtk1.  The last release
> was in January of 2002, so almost 9 years ago:
> I'm looking around at packages that use gtk1 and asking for each: is
> anyone likely to be reasonably using it?  Often, there's a gtk2 version
> and the gtk1 version is long unmaintained.  In the case of gqview, the
> gtk1 version is from 2003, and the gtk2 version is itself abandoned in
> favor of geeqie.
> So, barring objections, I'll delete gqview-gtk1 in a week.

Just to make sure: you only want to delete gtk1 packages for which there is 
also a gtk2 version? You don't want to remove gtk1 packages for which there is 
no gtk2 version. Nor do you want to retire gtk1?

I'm asking because I use several gtk1-only programs such as xmms and gsview 
(the latter from wip).


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