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gtk1 phaseout: gqview-gtk1 proposed deletion

It's always tough to strike the balance between maintenance effort for
old packages and the benefit for the last user to have it still in
pkgsrc.  I've always been very conservative about package removal.

Thomas Klausner and I have been discussing about gtk1.  The last release
was in January of 2002, so almost 9 years ago:

I'm looking around at packages that use gtk1 and asking for each: is
anyone likely to be reasonably using it?  Often, there's a gtk2 version
and the gtk1 version is long unmaintained.  In the case of gqview, the
gtk1 version is from 2003, and the gtk2 version is itself abandoned in
favor of geeqie.

So, barring objections, I'll delete gqview-gtk1 in a week.

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