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Re: Heads up (Was Package binaries for Solaris)

> Jeremy C. Reed schrieb:
 >> On Wed, 5 Nov 2008, Jörn Clausen wrote:
 >>> I wonder if there is some way to really test such bulk builds. When I
 >>> started with pkgsrc on Solaris, I realized only after some time, that
 >>> the libcrypto was bogus, and that several applications weren't
 >>> working. If I remember correctly, sometimes they crashed immediately,
 >>> sometimes only when they actually used cryptographic functions.
 >> I don't know of ready way to test the resulting packages, but you can do 
 >> the "make test" to test the packages that have a TEST_TARGET. I don't know 
 >> how useful that is on pkgsrc or pkgsrc on Solaris, but hopefully should be 
 >> better than nothing. Will someone give it a try and report back?

> Some months ago I did a bulk build on Solaris using PKGSRC_RUN_TEST=yes.
> Many packages that have built before stopped working, some went into
> endless loops and some consumed all the entropy that was on the
> machine's random generator.

> So when you do this, you should constantly watch the bulk build to
> ensure it is still running.

In a worst case normal packages building may also hangs by going to
unfinite loops, or waiting for something... Even fetching packages
often hangs up (on Linux).

pkg/38368 [serious/medium]:
        building devel/ldapsdk hangs on Linux
pkg/38371 [serious/medium]:
        building math/lapack hangs on Linux (unfinite loop)
There are others

To prevent hangs during fetching I use
  FETCH_CMD=                      /usr/bin/wget
  FETCH_RESUME_ARGS=              -c
  FETCH_OUTPUT_ARGS=              -O -nc
  FETCH_BEFORE_ARGS=              --timeout=1800
The same timeout may be set for tnftp client and probably some defaults
should be set by bootstrap.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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