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Re: Packages binaries for Solaris (7,8,9)/sparc

On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 8:19 AM, Ulrich Habel <> wrote:
>> > I've uploaded the results of a bulk rebuild of pkgsrc-2008Q3 done
>> > on Solaris9/sparc to
>>      ^^^^^^^^
>> > built the packages with 32bit and modular-x. The packages should work
>> > on Solaris 7/8/9 for the sparc architecture. Please provide me
>>      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> I would be surprised if we could really expect this to work, even on
>> Solaris where _backwards_ compatibility is usually very good.
>> Since when did Solaris have this kind of _forward_ compatibility? To my
>> knowledge the only company with a time machine is Apple...
> I didn't get the point here? I am bulkbuilding on Solaris 9 on the sparc
> architecture. I am using the packages on Solaris 8 and Solaris 9
> machines on sparc and they are working.

The point is that there is no guarantee that software built on a
certain version of SunOS will work on a previous version. There is
only a guarantee, that software will work on subsequent versions of
SunOS. If your software built on Solaris 9 works on Solaris 8 and 7,
that's pure luck. Have you actually tested all packages on older

Joern Clausen

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