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Heads up (Was Package binaries for Solaris)

Sorry for the quick type - The packages are built on Solaris 9 for
Solaris 9 and should only be used in that way.

> The point is that there is no guarantee that software built on a
> certain version of SunOS will work on a previous version. There is
> only a guarantee, that software will work on subsequent versions of
> SunOS. If your software built on Solaris 9 works on Solaris 8 and 7,

Hej Joern,

Yep - you are right (sorry for the pm, - wrong key). Please note: these
packages have been built on Solaris 9 and they are only suspected to
work there.

I am using several (like 200) on a Solaris 8 with success, however this
is not recommended due to binary issues. The "annoucement" was wrong in
that case, sorry for this.

> that's pure luck. Have you actually tested all packages on older
> Solarises?

No *smiles* - this is just not possible. 



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