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comms/conserver et al

Hey there. I wanted to inquire about comms/conserver and comms/ conserver8. conserver 7.x has been *many* years at this point since it's been current, and while I know some people are still using it, I think the pkgsrc view that "conserver" is conserver 7.x, and "conserver8" is the newer "other" conserver may be too outdated. Myself, I've been using conserver for 4-5 years, and never touched conserver 7.x. What is the normal course for this sort of change in pkgsrc?

Also, I'd like to request if 8.1.16 could be pulled into pkgsrc. 8.1.14 is what is currently conserver8, and while there's nothing huge fixed, there is an annoying descriptor leak that was fixed in 8.1.16. For people like me who have the conserver running for a long time, and the console devices flapping a fair bit, it does eventually bite us.

Thanks. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help, and I'd be happy to.

                                     - Chris

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