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Dynamically generating x11-links

I recently had a problem on SPARC Solaris 10, where kde was failing to build because x11-links parckage did not provide up to date links to files under /usr/openwin/lib. It looks like the symbolic links are generated from a static file, which was created on Solaris 9, hence some links were not up to date. I think it would be much better to dynamically generate symbolic links.

I had to run the following commands to bring x11-links/files/openwin file up to date. Why not just directly put them into Makefile and add some logic for dynamically creating sybolic links?? Is anyone interested in implementing this?

find /usr/openwin/include/ -type f -o -type l | sed 's;^/usr/openwin/;;g' > /tmp/incl.out find /usr/openwin/lib/ -name "*\.so*" | sed 's;^/usr/openwin/;;g' > /tmp/lib.out
cat /tmp/incl.out /tmp/lib.out > openwin

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