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Re: comms/conserver et al

>    Hey there.  I wanted to inquire about comms/conserver and comms/ 
> conserver8.  conserver 7.x has been *many* years at this point since  
> it's been current, and while I know some people are still using it, I  
> think the pkgsrc view that "conserver" is conserver 7.x, and  
> "conserver8" is the newer "other" conserver may be too outdated.   
> Myself, I've been using conserver for 4-5 years, and never touched  
> conserver 7.x.  What is the normal course for this sort of change in  
> pkgsrc?

I think I'll defer that one to someone else more familiar with
our policies and procedures on this front.

>    Also, I'd like to request if 8.1.16 could be pulled into pkgsrc.   

That has now been done.


- Håvard

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