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Re: pkg/54894 (openssl-1.1.1d fails to configure on Solaris 10)

On 11.02.2020 08:22, Hiroshi Hakoyama wrote:
Thank you for the detailed suggestions.

# bmake show-all-gcc
   usr   USE_NATIVE_GCC=         no
   usr   USE_PKGSRC_GCC=         no

This looks pretty good. Nothing unusual.

Did you have a look at the code in the "config" file?

It only sets GCCVER if CC is still unset. And since CONFIGURE_ENV
includes CC=cc, it is already set, and the block that could set GCCVER
is skipped completely.

On other platforms it works because the value of GCCVER is not used at all.

I hacked around a little, and when you add the following to the package
Makefile, at the very end, below the inclusion of, it should

    .include "../../mk/"

    # empty, to force GCCVER to be evaluated on SunOS

Please try this, and if that works, I'll have to think about a good and
elegant solution. Usually the line is the last line in every
package Makefile, therefore this is only a quick hack.

With this line, the file work/.work.log should contain the word
"-dumpversion", which it didn't contain before since that block was skipped.

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