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Re: pkg/54894 (openssl-1.1.1d fails to configure on Solaris 10)

On 10.02.2020 11:12, Hiroshi Hakoyama wrote:
Please update mk/*, then run "bmake configure-env"

I didn't understand the instructions.

Yesterday I added the "configure-env" command to the pkgsrc
infrastructure, to help investigate cases like yours. Therefore you
should update pkgsrc to the most current version ("cvs update" or "git

After that, you should go to the security/openssl directory and run
"bmake configure-env" there, so that you can try out some commands in
the same environment as the configure script. For example, running "type
gcc" should print something like .cwrappers/bin/gcc directory, and "gcc
-dumpversion" should print 5.5.0.

>> If the situation is still unclear after the above, please run
>> "bmake show-all-gcc" and check whether the output of that command
>> looks plausible.
>> If the situation is still unclear after that, please run
>> "bmake show-all-compiler".

The other commands I suggested are intended to give you more details
about the compiler settings from pkgsrc. For example, GCCBASE should
point to the external GCC, and GCC_VERSION should match that compiler's
version. All this information is useful for tracking down the actual
cause of the build failure.

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