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Re: pkg/52561

* On 2018-05-11 at 10:50 BST, Joern Clausen wrote:

> Thanks for this detailed explanation! I'd like to see stuff like this more
> from time to time. Alas, I cannot guarantee, that next time I will be able
> to find such a bug on my own :)
> But one more question: Why was there a different behavior with/without
> cwrappers in the first place? Do the classic wrappers handle MAKE_PARAMS in
> some way cwrappers don't?

The legacy wrappers are less strict about enforcing the correct library
paths, and it's likely they added and passed through $PREFIX/{include,lib}
somewhere regardless.

While this helps some software build, it's not correct, and can lead to
problems later on.

Jonathan Perkin

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