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Re: pkg/52561

On 05/11/18 10:48, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
The only way a package does not build with cwrappers but does with
legacy wrappers is if something is incorrect with the package, and we
shouldn't hide bugs.

I totally agree. But more often than not when I report such a bug, nothing happens. I don't have enough expertise to dig into the make process or cwrapper to fix it myself, and those who do seem to look away as soon one of my tickets is labeled "Solaris issue".

So my next best solution would be a mechanism, that would allow me to keep the build process as automated as possible, without as little manual intervention as necessary. BTW: Turning off cwrappers in mk.conf is no longer an option, as there are packages that do no longer compile without cwrappers on Solaris. I think this is also a bug (at least as long as cwrappers is optional), but the treatment of such PRs is the same as above.

Jörn Clausen
Plattformen & Serverdienste
BITS - Bielefelder IT-Servicezentrum

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