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Re: pkg/46559 (bootstrapping pkgsrc on solaris 10 / sparc64 fails in shells/pdksh)

> "cc -V" doesn't really reveal any version-information, nor does really
> state that's sunpro.

Ok, this of course was plain wrong. 

/opt/solaris-studio-12.3/bin/cc, besides being a link to
/opt solaris-studio-12.3/prod/bin/cc, provides the following

$cc -V
cc: Sun C 5.12 SunOS_sparc 2011/11/16

This in turn seems to match this line in mk/compiler/

.if !empty(CC_VERSION:M5.9) || !empty(CC_VERSION:M5.1[0-9])

CC_VERSION, fed by

CC_VERSION!= ${CC_PATH} -V 2>&1 | ${GREP} '^cc'

should probably contain the version-info above, but it seems that
somehow the elif-line is executed, which feeds _COMPILER_ABI_FLAG.64
with -xarch=v9

So far, I don't quite understand why this seems to happen, and am still
investigating it.

- Volkmar


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