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Re: Advice for new travelling server: Intel Z690 chipset?

On Wed, May 10, 2023 at 05:04:03PM +0200, Johan Stenstam wrote:
> Yes, I saw that when reading docs. But that prompts the obvious
> followup question, especially given Matthias question to me about
> trying BIOS-booting my system. Is there any way to change from UEFI
> boot to BIOS boot without having to jeopardise my boot disk? And,
> preferably, also a way to change back.

You need to persuade your firmware to use legacy/BIOS boot (sometimes
called CSM there).

As long as you are able to (temporarily) boot from an USB stick, the
single disk should not be a problem.

It boils down to:

 - manually copy /usr/mdec/boot to your / directory

 - run something like gpt biosboot -c /usr/mdec/gptmbr.bin -i $N
   where $N is the index shown by "gpt show wd0" (or similar) for the
   partition where your "/" fs lives

After that both boot methods should work with the same disk.


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