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Re: Advice for new travelling server: Intel Z690 chipset?

Hi Matthias,

> On 10 May 2023, at 10:42, Matthias Petermann <> wrote:
> On 10.05.23 10:26, Johan Stenstam wrote:
>> The only fly in the ointment is that running NetBSD 9.3 with Xen 4.13 the hypervisor complains about the CPU being unrecognised. When trying Xen 4.15 the CPU is recognised, but then the hypervisor crashes just as it is about to handover to NetBSD. But that’s a topic for another list, and I’m sure it will get sorted out.
> Thank you for the interesting information and that you let us participate in the hardware discovery. The note about Xen has attracted my interest. Is the device a UEFI-only system, or can you also boot via BIOS/CSM?

I’m a dinosaur from the pre-UEFI era, all I know is “BIOS boot". How do I find that out? 

What I can say is that when installing 9.3 I booted from the NetBSD-9.3-amd64-install.img and I did not choose to install on the “EFI system” (as I didn’t understand the “dk0@ld0” notation) but instead on the only disk presented, which was ld0. Then I choose GPT as the partitioning scheme.

If the question of BIOS vs UEFI in practice equals MBR portioning vs GPT then this is now an UEFI-system. But if BIOS/UEFI vs MBR/GPT are orthogonal things then I simply don’t know.

> Background is that I recently also tried to boot with Xen 4.15 on a UEFI-only system (NetBSD 10.0_BETA) and exactly the same problem that I still get the messages from Xen displayed, but then the NetBSD kernel does not start. Have you already made a post about this on another list? Or if you still plan to - can you please put me on CC?

Not yet. Will do, but that will have to be later tonight, $dayjob takes precedence. 


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