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NetBSD 10 -- new way of attaching virtual interfaces to bridge?

tap(4) tells me "the tap driver can no longer be used as a bridge(4) endpoint because it supports a link state based on if it has been opened or not.  Use the vether(4) driver instead as it's been explicitly designed for this purpose."

It's been over ten years since I did all this with Xen. At that time it was straightforward to create a tap interface and attach it to a bridge for a domU

How are vether interfaces created and connected to a bridge?

Ideally I would like domUs to connect to the internet through br0 (with the bridge attached to either the external interface or a separate vether interface), and to each other through a second bridge -- br1.

As I say, it's been a long time since I did this, so my memory on all this is vague.

Gerard Lally

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