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Re: Trying to install NeBSD on bare metal through a Linux distro

On 20/05/2022 19:01, wrote:
I'm testing the use of a bare metal dedicated server.

The provider (in this case OVH) presents some pre-built OS images to
install, but NetBSD isn't one of them (in my case, even the FreeBSD
installations that exist on other offers aren't proposed).

I was doing the same on Dedibox/Scaleway directly from GNU/Linux rescue system, as EXT2FS.

Installing NetBSD from GNU/Linux

However netbsd's EXT2FS isn't that great and I had issues cloning and maintaining GIT repos on it. It seemed some feature was buggy or missing. GIT was not working well. Other than that, the system was stable though.

So I eventually switched to FFS, also directly from GNU/Linux thanks to the toolchain, namely tools/bin/nbmakefs which got cross-build on GNU/Linux without issue and could create a 3G FFS file-system, then extended at first boot to the full length of the physical disk.

Installing NetBSD on FFS2 from GNU/Linux

That works and seems ideal to me.

Besides, while I was trying multiple ways to get NetBSD on Dedibox, I also was successful with installing it from their FreeBSD rescue system, which you also have at OVH apparently.

Installing NetBSD from FreeBSD

HTH ;-)
Pierre-Philipp Braun
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