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Re: cannot start detached sessions (with -m -d) back to back (Valery Ushakov) writes:

>Solaris docs for (STREAMS-based) ptys say:

>  When the master device is closed, an M_HANGUP message is sent to the
>  slave device to render the device unusable. The process on the slave
>  side gets the errno ENXIO when attempting to write on that stream,
>  but it will be able to read any data remaining on the stream head
>  read queue. When all the data has been read, read(2) returns 0,
>  indicating that the stream can no longer be used.

M_HANGHUP also causes a SIGHUP signal to be sent to the controlling process.

For interactive sessions that's the shell which intercepts the signal,
resumes stopped jobs and passes the SIGHUP to them.

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