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UEFI dual-boot with Windows


I re-installed Windows 10 on my machine, and it insisted on UEFI boot, which killed my previous dual-booting setup with GRUB and legacy boot.

NetBSD is on the second NVMe drive, while the first one is all Windows.

After installing Windows, I manually installed rEFInd into the EFI partition. For NetBSD, I copied bootx64.efi to /EFI/NetBSD (so as not to overwrite the existing /EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi, which I assume is from Windows). I also copied a GENERIC NetBSD-9.2 kernel to /netbsd.gz on the EFI partition.

After selecting NetBSD in rEFInd (which it auto-detects), I see the NetBSD/x86 EFI boot (x64) banner. It proceeds to load a kernel from "NAME=EFI system partition:netbsd.gz (howto 0x20000)".

Unfortunately, after the initial loader line with the sizes, the boot seems to hang with no further output.

Any ideas, hints or tips?


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