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Re: Release

Bob Bernstein <> writes:

> On Sun, 19 Dec 2021, Greg Troxel wrote:
>> There's nothing wrong with a direct reply to a list message, and
>> it's discourteous to refuse them.
> Would it be correct to claim equivalence -- more or less -- 
> between your category "direct reply," and what I have been accustomed
> to call an "off-list reply?" I mean by that expression a private reply
> to a list subscriber without CC'ing that reply to the list itself.

More or less, yes.  Sometimes I send a message just to the poster, often
when I want to say something I don't want to say on the list or when it
doesn't merit being sent to all.   That's what the "reply" action of a
MUA is supposed to do.   Then there's "reply-all" which should send to
the From: and all To/CC.

What's messy is the idea that when replying to the list one should send
to *only* the list.  That has some merit, but the standards are murkier
(Mail-Followup-To:) and implementation of them somewhat sparse.

I was not intending to wade into the "don't send me private replies"
debate.  The desire not to get them is an area where reasonable people
differ.  Personally, I filter duplicates so when two copies that are the
same arrive, I only see the first one.  I am of course not missing
anything from this practice.

> I agree that such messages ought to be acknowledged by their
> recipient. Some seem to have a burr under their saddle as to this
> point. Never understood that, but then the 'burr' question is
> tangential to the events you described.

I didn't mean to demand human acknowledgement, merely "not rejected by
the MTA, and actually delivred to the original poster".  Mistakes
certainly are going to happen -- mail config is hard, and I have at
times messed mine up.  I am always grateful when someone tells me my
config is broken, so I can fix it before more trouble happens.

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